Activity Bus

Activity Bus Schedule (Runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays)

Updated 9/21/2017 

Time Location
4:35 PM Wredling
4:40 PM Norton Creek
4:50 PM Rte 64/Elm Road
4:55 PM Fox Ridge
5:00 PM Munhall
5:05 PM Lincoln
5:15 PM Anderson
5:25 PM River Ridge - River Ridge Park on Hancock
5:30 PM Sugar Ridge - Tredup Park on South Lancaster
5:40 PM Corron
5:45 PM Wild Rose
5:55 PM Richmond
6:00 PM Renaux North or South
6:04 PM Tower Hill
6:05 PM  Langston Circle & Heritage Ct (Tradition's)
6:10 PM Bell Graham
6:15 PM Transportation
Note: These times are all estimated as the number of students riding will fluctuate.
The arrival times are NOT guaranteed.