8th Grade End of Year Activities

As our 8th graders begin their transition to High School, we want to keep you informed of some of the activities that will take place at the end of the school year.  The events include a recognition assembly, pod presentations, and conversations with high school students.  Click here to see a list of activities.

Tuesday, May 9th we will have St Charles East and St Charles North students come to Wredling to present to our 8th grade students and answer any questions they might have about high school.

Wednesday, May 10th St Charles East has 8th Grade Parent Survival Night at 7pm at the Norris Cultural Arts Center.

Monday, June 5th 8th graders will have their POD recognition with their grade level teams and teachers in the morning and in the afternoon will be the luncheon for students and the 8th grade recognition assembly at the Norris Cultural Arts Center.  Due to the size of the Norris Cultural Arts Center, this event is only for students.  If parents would like to volunteer to help at the luncheon parents can sign up in the link that will be shared in the Friday Forecast or can help provide donations for this event.

Tuesday, June 6th 8th Graders will attend the boat cruise and have their yearbook signing.  Students will leave Wredling at 8:30am and head downtown Chicago to board The Spirit of Chicago.  The attire for the cruise is casual and make sure students are dressed appropriately according to our school dress code.  A DJ will provide entertainment and students will be provided with lunch.  Students will board the buses and return to Wredling at aprox 3:00pm.  

St. Charles East High School will host a Freshman Orientation on August 18th

St. Charles North High School will host a Freshman Orientation on August 17th